Replay of Advertising
Hits 2021

We’re celebrating the campaigns that moved our listeners. From groundbreaking work that pushed the boundaries of creativity and innovation to work that amplified our listeners’ earbud moments, the stage is set for the advertising hits of 2021 on JioSaavn. Let’s replay.

Oreo Double Stuf Dynamnic Audio Spot

Audio Storytelling | Mondelez

Oreo Double Stuf

Oreo Partnered with JioSaavn and Wavemaker for a Double-Filled Strategy for OREO Double Stuf. With double ad-free listening sessions and Dynamic Audio Spots delivered to 1.7MM+ listeners, the campaign enjoyed double the impact with a 90% Listen-Through Rate.

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Enco Buds In-feed

Content Storytelling | OPPO

#UnPause with Enco Buds

OPPO partnered with JioSaavn to celebrate the launch of the new OPPO Enco Buds by harnessing listeners’ love for music and the power of personalized advertisements at scale. Within 4 days, the campaign successfully reached 6.9 MM JioSaavn listeners and drove thousands of views for OPPO’s #UNPAUSE concert.

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Swiggy In Sync Maximus

In Sync | Swiggy

Swiggy’s Always On Presence on JioSaavn

Swiggy & JioSaavn came together to build an always-on presence on JioSaavn by engaging and re-engaging listeners with delicious, multi-format ad experiences. 20 MM+ listeners were reached and compelled to ‘Order Now’ from Swiggy!

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Myntra Maximus

Return on Brand Investment | Myntra

End of Reason Sale

Myntra wanted to build a buzz prior to its End Of Reason Sale and with a 1.5x Return On Investment and over INR 23,00,000/- in Total Cart Value witnessed for the brand, JioSaavn gave Myntra no reason to complain.

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Netflix Navarasa Dynamic Audio Spot

The Vernacular Connection | Netflix


Netflix India harnessed the power of vernacular language advertising on JioSaavn to promote their new film - Nava Rasa. From strategic targeting to a combination of audio and visual experiences, discover how we drove millions of listeners to engage with the content.

Dell Showcase

Multi-Channel Marketing | Dell

Dell Futurist Music Challenge

Dell and JioSaavn partnered for the end-to-end promotions of the Dell Futuristic Music Challenge using a combination of multiple formats, calls to action, and creatives. From the registration and voting to the final selection of the winners, the Dell Futuristic Music Challenge landed 35 MM+ display impressions along with a strong 4.4% CTR and over 5,000 responses to the contest CTAs within a week.

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Truecaller Dynamic Audio Spot

Mass Awareness | Truecaller

Desh ka Truecaller

Truecaller partnered with JioSaavn to strengthen its relationship with Indian internet users. Focused on awareness and affinity, the campaign was powered by an audio-first advertising strategy to engage JioSaavn’s 100 MM+ monthly active users and resulted in 4.75 MM unique listener reach and 3.2% CTR.

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Netflix Dynamic Audio Spot

Brand Awareness | Netflix

Feels Like Ishq

Netflix inspired listeners to crush on its latest show Feels Like Ishq via a love poll on JioSaavn. JioSaavn played the perfect cupid between Netflix and its listeners, resulting in millions of listeners interacting with the campaign.

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Silk Dynamic Audio Spot

The JioSaavn for Brands Jam Partner | Mondelez

Cadbury Oreo Double Stuf, Fuse, & Silk

Launching Cadbury Oreo Double Stuf through a double-filled strategy, creating 500 contextual audio narratives for Cadbury Fuse, and building an immersive experience for Cadbury Silk’s Little Things video, our partnership with Mondelez has pushed the benchmarks of digital audio advertising. Here’s to the JioSaavn for Brands Jam Partner - Mondelez!

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